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Originally Posted by pdaddy View Post
Pretty much. Both Blake and Walton were healthy when Koppen was signed. Koppen was signed 9/11. Blake hurt his thumb in practice on 9/14, and placed on IR 9/18. Walton hurt ankle 9/30 and placed on IR 10/1.

They got Koppen pretty cheap, and I'm not sure his signing was necessarily indicative of a problem with Blake.
Blake was unimpressive in camp and I think they brought Koppen in because they didn't trust Blake to step up if Walton went down. Very fortunate for us that they did. 1st Blake then Walton both went out , and Koppen was able to step in seamlessly since he had been able to practice for 3 weeks or so, and was an experienced vet.

Although the line seemed to do better with Koppen in, I think it was more the level of competition went down at the same time Walton went to IR, as well as the team finally gelling with the new system in general, and the rust finally getting really knocked off for PM.
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