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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Other player's accomplishments don't mean anything. This is like when someone says "if we can put on a man on the moon, we can XYZ." First, those other men at NASA put a man on the moon. You and I weren't there.

Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees needed time to develop, but they had showed an ability to throw the ball downfield at an even basic level. Tebow scans defenses, freaks and then bails. You keep trying to make comparison's in your endless defense of him, for what reason I haven't the faintest idea, by stringing together elements in common he was with other players - elements that don't point toward their ability to be good. Rather than saying "these three players all did XYZ really well" you keep saying "These other players also sucked at ABC."

We know Tebow sucks at a lot of things, and other good QB's sucked at some of those things too. Drew Brees threw a lot of interceptions early in his career. Aaron Rogers struggled to learn the playbook. Tony Romo wasn't good enough to start. Yes - Tebow is a combination of the suck from all these men. The difference is they got better and Tebow didn't. And all of them had started fewer games at this point in their careers save Brees than Tebow has. And they sucked at some things. Tebow is like the Frankenstein of suck. He's this giant monolith beast that has a passing game assembled from the bad parts other player's passing ability.
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