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Elway personally scouted OZ. Went to ASU to watch him work. Liked what he saw. Likes what he has seen of him since he became a Bronco. Has been quoted saying he would have been this years #1 QB draft prospect had he stayed in school. He's only 22 today after a year in the NFL.

Watch his youtubes. He has one of the quickest releases I've ever seen. He has a cannon arm. He's accurate and leads his receivers beautifully. Throws a tight spiral. He's big (understatement), yet reasonably fast (4.8), reasonably mobile, has good feet, strong and athletic (major basketball college scholarship).

Why the hate? I think this was a great choice for the future, especially considering that, as we all know, todays NFL is all about the QB.

Yeah I know. We might have drafted someone with that late 2nd who might have contributed more last year and gotten the Broncos to, say, a 13-3 record and a playoff top seed.

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