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Dan Marino's what I call a 'Yeah, but . . .' guy. As great as he is and as great as he's been, people will always say, 'Yeah, but he never won a Super Bowl.' I think Marino's going to have to live with that for a long time.
People used to talk about all the Super Bowls Elway lost. Well, I called a few of those games, and what people seem to forget is that those teams weren't that good. John Elway was the sole reason why those Bronco teams were playing in the Super Bowl. He was the closest thing to a one-man gang I've ever seen. Elway absolutely thrived under pressure. When you got down to the end of the game and his team was behind, he knew what to do. He was one of the few quarterbacks to play the game who really knew the game. He knew what to do, how to move the ball, how to save time. And he relished those decisions.
A lot of people say they want the ball to take the last shot, but there's not a lot of them who really want it. John Elway wanted the ball."--John Madden
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