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So far in Elway’s career, his offensive linemen and wide receivers have been voted to the Pro Bowl a combined seven times. In Dan Marino’s 15 seasons, Miami Dolphins offensive linemen and wide receivers have been selected to the Pro Bowl 30 times. … Though usually surrounded by a human rummage sale, Elway has won more games as a starter than any other quarterback in NFL history (138). It’s the equivalent of carving Mount Rushmore with a spoon or composing Beethoven’s Ninth on a kazoo.
But Elway’s career has been about more than just winning. It has been about escaping defeat a half page from the end of the novel, leaping over pits of fire with the microdot hidden in his cigarette lighter. On first down Elway was ‘pretty average,’ his Stanford coach Paul Wiggin once said. But when the elementary school kids are being held hostage and the detonator reads 00:03, who would you rather have clipping the wires than Elway? He may be the only quarterback in history who could stand on his own two-yard line, trailing by five with less than two minutes to play, no timeouts left, windchill –5, and cause the opposing coach to mutter, ‘We’re in trouble.’” --Rick Reilly, Sports Illustrated, qtd. in Austin Murphy’s The Super Bowl: Sports Greatest Championship
With his arm strength and mobility, he was a rare combination of talents. I don’t know if I’ve seen a quarterback who had the ability to run and the ability to throw in one package like John Elway. He is certainly a player that will be missed in the NFL. He was a great asset to our league.”--New York Jets head coach Bill Parcells

Staubach, the quarterback most often compared with Elway for his ability to improvise and late-game heroics, watched "The Drive" with the admiration one great athlete can have for another. 'I just marveled at it,' Staubach says. 'After that, you knew when you watched him that he'd never quit, even if he was playing a bad game.'"--quoted from the Associated Press
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