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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
You could start with some details!
There wasn't really a particular juicy tidbit, but they did talk about a few things:

-- They chose to portray Cersei in the manner they did because Lena Headey's audition stood out, and they thought the character would benefit from being less of an ice queen.

-- The famous Littlefinger hooker scene from season one was actually not meant to be part of the show at all. It was just an audition seen for Aiden Gillam, but he nailed it, so they incorporated it. Littlefingers character is featured more because they love the actor.

-- Martin's wife made mention that there's one character he won't kill off simply because she's her fav. But then when they made mention of this to George, he scoffed and said "oh, thats just what i told her."

-- Diane Rigg refers to them as naughty little boys.

-- Their scripts often come in really short so they fill them with interesting convos between characters they like (part of the reason for the Arya/Tywin scenes that aren't featured in the book.)

-- The rumor that George told them the ending is true. And they often consult with him about the future to make sure they don't kill off any characters that play an important role in the future.

It was just an interesting discussion about adaptation from books to screen, how much they have to cut out, how they decided to change things here and there.
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