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The idea of open borders actually being beneficial. Haven't we already seen enough to show this is just the opposite? Garbage like that will/is undermining domestic wages and destroy(ing) the country

You have to wonder if they're living with their head in the clouds or they're just that loaded up on crack.

Then you have the isolationist horse ****. Then you have the political correctness and excessive "non-discriminatory" garbage - excessive because it goes to the point of suicidal.

It's amusing they're now lifting their immigration philosophy from the CATO Institute. That alone is a huge red flag. CATO is flipping nuts.

The "personal relationships" section would mean that marriage involving incest, children, and harems would now be legal.

How is it undermining wages, American want cheap, in turn you need cheap, cheap labor- who is going to do that other than people who really have no other choice, or people who see working migrant fields in California much more lucrative than have no job in Mexico? I am not into open borders, I am into a border/ immigration strategy that allows people who want to work, and where there is demand for their work, to be able to do so.

The Constitution doesn't lay out that we are the world police, does it? It doesn't say were Nation Builders, does it? It is really that obscure a thought that instead of spending 10 years and trillions in the Desert, that maybe we should revamp domestic security to identify attacks here against our people, and defend the domestic mainland? The Middle East is a Sewer, it always will be, we can protect our interests and support out allies wihtout being involved in enfless and ongoing nation and regime building operations.

Incest is still against the law, having sex with a child is still against the law. The platform is that legal aged conscenting adults should not have their relationships defined and restricted by Government- 13 States have already shown this is the wave of the future, expanding right rather than limiting under the scope of Xtian values.. this is a land of free peoples who can do what they wish as long as consenting and legal... Libertarians are on board, as is most of the Nation.
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