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I think one reason for this is that people who use drugs are more likely to be in financial straits to get more drugs which means they're more likely to steal parcels., it's because UPS, FedEx, all jobs like that require a large portion of their workforce to work on or near heavy machinery and/or trucks. Also nearly every job that requires a large amount of driving requires a drug test. Yellow Cab, for example...drug tests. Best Buy drug tests. Why? Because every employee is required to learn how to use the hi-lo. This is because insurance companies will not insure (or will do so but only at higher rates) companies that do not drug test employees who do potentially dangerous work. For companies which have a large portion of their workforce doing jobs which require drug tests, a lot of times it's more efficient to test every employee than it is to only test those to whom it applies. This is particularly the case in smaller businesses where, like I said, people work around heavy machinery, etc.

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
At least SOMEONE is enforcing federal law.

There's nothing wrong with this, unless you don't mind the idea of a hospital allowing its surgeons to toke up.
Companies choosing to do drug tests are definitely not doing so to enforce federal laws. It would be a complete waste of time and money to do so based on ideology.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with companies choosing to do drug tests. The unfortunate thing about it though is that unless you do random testing after the initial test, there's about zero effect on the number of people you hire who do drugs. The Best Buy I worked at several years ago tested every employee before they were hired. I took the test and passed, even though I had smoked 10 days earlier. Two weeks after I was hired, I attended a party where there was a LOT of illegal substances, and the entire management staff from BOTH stores in town were there.

Pre-employment drug screenings are pretty much useless.
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