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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
people who complain about the Osweiler pick need to understand some things. Manning wanted a legit back up and a QB of the future on the roster to avoid what happened in Indy. Elway nor Manning wanted to get caught with their pants down in case Manning couldn't play out the life of his contract. It was not feasible to wait on the 2013 or 2014 draft to get a QBOTF to sit behind Manning and learn. The front office and scouting staff graded Osweiler out very highly and more than likely higher than any QB in this past draft(it's not guess work or conjecture, Elway said as much with his comments on this years QB crop)

now knowing all this and still complaining is wildly foolish. the assumption is that if not Osweiler then we would have taken a LB or RB instead and someone who could have been a instant starter. this is not a viable opinion to have because no one knows what the draft board looked like. Elway has gone against the grain of popular opinion in every draft he's done with the Broncos. from trading back and drafting Wolfe to taking Orlando Franklin over others who were viewed as less of a reach to taking Montee Ball over Eddie Lacy to saving money and cutting Doom instead of keeping him.

had we not taken Osweiler in the 2nd last year we then would be forced to either trade for and sacrifice a future pick or use 2.5-3.5 mil on a quality back up. which is cap space that could be used for more important needs.
we lose a year or more of developmental time for the next QBOTF due to taking him a year later or having a highly paid vet in front of him in addition to Manning.

we can now take QB's as a luxury pick and we will have valuable assets in the future that can be dealt for picks or to address needs on the team.
delaying the acquisition of a QB draftee or waiting til a later round doesn't help us. the grade on the QB is probably not as high as Osweiler's, the staff likely doesn't have the same amount of faith in them and then we're stuck being forced to draft a QB instead of taking one for value purposes.

plan A and win now doesn't mean you draft solely based upon the needs of one season. that gets your fired.
Thats all fine and good provided Twilight pans out. The logic behind getting Brock is understandable but if it doesn't work, that is, Brock does not blossom into the QB Elway drafted him to be then it was a waste of a pick, especially in a win-now situation. It's not gonna be pretty IMHO if Dysert supplants Twilight for the starting job.
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