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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27 View Post
I agree with most of this. Osweiller's haters don't produce a plan for grooming a backup and obviously Caleb Haney wasn't the guy. Elway made a point of saying this guy has a very high football IQ that manifested itself after only one year starting in college, and I can't think of a better trait for Manning's backup to have than that. I don't get the hate on him though...he had the best arm in the draft last year and for a guy 6'8" he's a pretty mobile guy. Remember he played basketball too so you know he's got some athletic ability to go with the arm and the head, which sounds like what you want in a guy you're grooming for a couple years. I'm hoping we carry all three on the roster and Dysert turns out to be a smart move as well.
some people actually believe that Elway's son being a friend of his influenced Elway to draft him when others were rated higher by the fans and he's seen as extremely raw.
this is not Pierre Lacroix with the Avs. Elway doesn't draft or hire based upon nepotism.
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