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It would be nice if one of the Denver teams did something of any importance in the playoffs instead of being disappointing. Denver = disappointment in sports.
Only the Nuggets. Avs have two titles, Rockies had Rocktober (still better than anything the Nuggets ever did). Even the Rapids have flown the flag. We've got two Lombardis after all, hardly a disappointment those years and nobody thought we'd win a title this time last year deep down. Year before we made splash out of nowhere too. I'd be very slow to bracket us in with the likes of those losers in yellow.

Nuggets are the odd one out, the red headed stepchild of the bunch. They're an embarrassment and should be disowned. Honest hypothetical question here: If a genie came by and offered the Avs and Rockies to be perennial top contenders and occasional winners at the cost of the Nuggets being moved, would people here take it?

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