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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
1. Kuper is not moving to Center. Why in the world would you undermine not just one but two positions at OL by taking a career RG with two ankle injuries and moving him to a position where he has no experience and that relies on lateral agility and quickness at Center?

2. Kuper isn't going to get a $5million contract or anywhere near that if he's cut. The best situation for both sides is if he takes a new contract with drastically reduced pay and provide he can come back healthy and compete to be one of the backups which would still allow him plenty of time to recover and still be one of the locker room leaders.

3. By keeping him arouynd at reduced pay you still get valueable depth, a chance he comes back healthy, and a real bargaining chip next year if Beadles decides to ask over and beyond market value for his contract.
Wasn't Kuper a LG until Beadles got here? And didn't he switch because Beadles couldn't handle RG?

Anyway... Beadles is great at pulling, other than he is ok. Not in Kuper realm as far as pass block, run block and nastiness.

If Kuper is healthy, I am positive he beats out Beadles. Like you I don't get all the talk of him moving to C. The same goes for Beadles.
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