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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Kuper wasn't at 100%.. He missed some significant time, both game and practice. He wasn't in game shape and didn't look like himself. Agreed he didn't play well, but Beadles stuck out like a sore thumb more often than not during the season.

What is the benefit of getting rid of Kuper if healthy? It's not like we are cap strapped.. His ability either in the starting line-up or off the bench would prove very valueable in a pinch.
The Broncos aren't cap strapped, but they certainly will need to trim the roster in order to carry some rollover into 2014. Managing the cap situation is crucial for the Broncos moving forward. I expect both Kuper and McGahee to not be Broncos after the last week of preseason. Cutting their salaries would put the Broncos in excellent cap position in 2014 to make all their necessary moves with internal FA's, and is the best thing for the team moving forward.

If you keep Kuper for 2013 and cut him in 2014, you're paying $7.3M for one year of football. It's just not worth the cost. The Broncos made their move when they signed Louis Vasquez.

I suspect the only issue remaining in the Kuper camp is the injury settlement issue. I would not be surprised if he retired.

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