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Originally Posted by NUB View Post
Manning is not the sort of QB backups "learn" behind.
it's been widely reported that Manning had no interest in teaching his backups while in Indy. it wasn't that he couldn't teach, he didn't want to teach because he was so into his own routine and getting his reps that he showed no interest in it.

if they watched and learned from what he did than so be it.

it's a bit different in Denver. he actually wants to teach and have the back ups learn.
before he didn't give a **** about the back ups as he was all dialed in to getting the team on his wavelength. now he's more receptive to teaching, as has been noted by Brock on many occasions when he's talked about Manning teaching him things.
plus, in Indy they gave him two crappy 6th round picks that everyone knew were nothing more than camp fodder.

one of the main reasons he was concerned with who the back up would be here and to teach them was due to what happened in Indy. he felt horrible that his teammates had to suffer through that 2 win season and never wanted a team to have to go through that again.
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