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i have had 3 concussions in my life. 1st was a line drive that caught me on the jaw. broke my jaw and then the way my head spun and then hit the ground gave me the concussion. knocked out cold when i hit the ground. i had trouble focusing in school for like 10 days, developed migraines, sensitivity to light and noise, got confused rather easily for a few days and had moments where i became extremely dizzy.

second concussion happened around christmas time in 2011. my gf and i were helping her parents decorate their house and pulling boxes of lights and decorations out of the garage when her dad dropped the staple gun he was using and it fell off a 2 story house and caught me right on the side of the head. unconscious before i hit the ground. still think that ****er did it on purpose. similar symptoms as the first, just lasted a little longer, just started not being able to hold down food as well. so i puked a lot.

most recent concussion was in a car accident this past August. lady fell asleep and hit me head on going 50. my head somehow smashed into the driver's side window. got some pretty gnarly gashes on the left side of my head and face. broke 4 ribs, separated my left shoulder, broke my clavicle and shoulder blade, my wrist was broken so badly that i could practically wave at myself without turning my hand, my ankle was broken in 2 places and dislocated, and everything torn in it. but the concussion symptoms were bad. memory loss, confusion, moments where i would black out, forgetting where i was, irritability, dizziness, trouble remembering names and faces, nausea, head splitting migraines. took about 2 and a half months for all the symptoms to go away. and even now closing in on a year since the accident, i am still getting the migraines and still sometimes forget things quickly or get confused by simple things
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