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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
The only way not to "lose the war" was to stay there forever which I don't think anyone wants. But the best strategy would have been to have never been in that war to begin with...

As for the economy, you do realize that it was in freefall well before Obama took office, right?
Good God, don't bother. Did you miss this election season?

Cut is one of the guys who blamed the housing crisis on Clinton, you know, because it takes awhile for policy to affect the economy, but was angry that Obama tanked the economy because, you know, it...doesn't take awhile for policy to affect the economy?

- I want armed citizens helping police in a shootout
- Bush had every reason to go into Iraq, there was no coverup
- Bush had every reason to go into Iraq, regardless of whether or not there was a coverup
- Clinton caused the housing crisis 10 years after being out of office, but Obama caused the financial crisis the day he took office

Am I missing anything? I'm sure I am, but this is a litany of stupid right here.
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