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the first two sentences make sense, but then I don't really know where you're going from there

I had my first concussion ever when I was hit by a car in December, knocked unconscious, and sent to the emergency room with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. I have no memory whatsoever from the incident. besides surviving like a boss, I guess my main point is that I had no idea what the recovery process from a concussion entails. its pretty difficult to judge how well you are recovering from an injury you can't really see. the pain went away rather quickly, but my head was a bit loopy dealing with post concussion symptoms for a solid two months after the accident. sensitivity to light and sounds, quick to irritability, and to be quite frank - your brain just doesn't work how it normally does. its really weird.

anyway, hats off tto any player suffering from and recovering from any similar injuries. granted, the wears pads and helmet, bit I'd say getting hit by a full size pickup truck is an apt comparison for some players haha. I can def see why the league is taking it seriously
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