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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Wow Kuper gets overrated on this board. Yes he is a warrior, team player, etc. The facts ate gw is paid near the top for his position and doesn't play like it. At this point keep him this year then ship him unless he can play C.
It's kinda hard to play as good as your salary when you've been injured. Before the injuries I would say his compensation was worth the product. I agree that if he can't back to that level then he's got to take the pay cut. If he doesn't want to then for sure he's gone next year but they could keep him around this year and possibly later in the season if he got healthy enough he could contribute. If he is healthy by training camp, let him compete for Center or LG. You're paying the man this year anyway, might as well let him have a stab at C or LG.
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