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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Syria uses chemical weapons in a civil war = Attack and regime change!

Iraq invades Kuwait, pays terrosists to kill Jews, shoots missiles at our planes in no fly zone, gasses their own people, mines the gulf and commites environmental terrorism = Why did Bush doi that, illegal war illegal war they didn't find nukes! Bush and Cheney are Evil.

Saddam messed with the flow of oil to the world and paid for it like he should have. Assad he is just fighting a civil war. Not yet to the level of anything we need to intervene on but liberals are all ready to go now. I was for intervention until i read how radical the opposition is. When we do have to bomb I hope our CIA makes sure a couple misguided bombs hit the radical leadership where it hurts before war over.

Hell let it drag on the more radical that die the better. We should try and keep it going forever. I'm hoping that is Obamas plan and hes really a lot smarter then he seems.
You're missing the point. (Surprise!)

Bush didn't go to war for any of those reasons, according to Bush himself. They went in because they claimed there were wmds. There weren't. You can't go to war just to go to war. Bush knew the American people would not support a war for any of the reasons you gave, so his regime created a reason.

That you cannot or will not see this is not surprising. You have a long litany of stupid **** you've said, and much of it in like the last two weeks. I'd tell you to shut up, but as Tony alluded to, I actually quite enjoy coming here every day wondering what new gem you've come up with. Txtebow, Pony Boy and errand are pretty predictable because they're racists. You, on the other hand, are a loose cannon. A jack of no trades, master of even fewer. You post nonsense on such a wide variety of subjects that even your own people call you out for your lunacy. It truly is a joy to see what you'll come up with next.
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