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Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post
I expect that level of improvement out of Danny based on his college performance and what he showed last year here. He showed similar flashes as did Chris in his first year, but with significantly less playing time than Chris had in his year one.

Danny is a player and seems to have what it takes to take the next step.
Yeah, Trev actually outproduced Woodrow at Kentucky in TFL's and Tackles. He's got what it takes. It took Woodyard about 4 years to get good, let's hope Trevathan can do it in 2. All he needs is an NFL body. I remember an interview before last season when he said he was going to have to start eating more than just skittles for dinner.

The Broncos need this dude to step up BIG TIME this year. If Danny can step out of Wood's shadow, and come into his own...we got this.
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