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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
It's true they've never been tried. And they never will. Because somewhere between reality and utopia, human ambition sets up roadblocks and takes hostages.
these clowns should examine the little known fact that the Pilgrims established a short-lived form of communism.

The land was owned in common; everyone worked for each other and each received an equal allotment of food no matter how hard they worked. This system quickly failed. The women described the communal chores as a form of slavery, men rapidly lost motivation, and the able-bodied feigned illness to avoid work.

As Governor William Bradford described in Of Plymouth Plantation, [The] taking away of property, and bringing in community into a common wealth...was found to breed much confusion & discontent, and retard much employment... He also added that men questioned why should they labor longer and harder to feed those men who did not. Women who had just a husband complained that they would perform the services of washing the clothing, etc. of others who had several family members and not be compensated for it. Basically everyone was equally miserable.

After much debate and prayer, Bradford established a free market system by assigning each family a portion of land and giving them rights to what it produced. He was amazed at the results and credited it with creating the bountiful harvest, and the colony started to thrive.....

these liberals for some stupid reason keep thinking that communism can work if only the right people were in charge of it......
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