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Originally Posted by JLesSPE View Post
I started using the ninja as a juicer. I'd blend and then run the resulting smoothie through some cheese cloth. It actually worked alright. I like drinking juice more than a smoothie as far as flavor/texture go but the fiber makes me feel full and I like that better.
I heard coffee filters work pretty good to, if you run out of cheese cloth

Originally Posted by McDman View Post
I'm pumped to try it. I really just need to replace dinner, that is my worst meal. I saw someone blend tomatoes and basil for like 5 minutes and it made a soup. I don't like canned tomato soup but that looked pretty good.
There should be a soup setting or recommended time to run the Vitamix to make soup, the blades do warm it up. I like making cream of asparagus soup. Boil the asparagus, add it to the mixer, add 1/2 cup cream or milk, 1/2 vegetable broth (low sodium!!!) and salt/pepper to taste. I do use a fat free heavy cream also, but damn, it makes for a good soup and stinky pee

If you can replace one crappy meal with a healthy Vitamix concoction, you'll find it much easier to adapt to the healthy eating life style and not wanna give up so easy. Give it 3 weeks minimum, you'll see a change, and it will become normal.
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