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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
If the only knock on a guy is he may get caught from behind on long runs he really doesn't have any knocks. The long run is not what the running game for any decent team is about. Decent teams generally get their big plays from the passing game. They need consistent gains in the running game to help move the chains and control the clock.
Yup, I've repeated that in several topics the last several weeks. The absolute last think you need to be concerned about in a RB is getting caught from behind on runs of 40, 60, 80 yards et. There's not many guys in the league that are big time tough runners who have great YPC average that could have been track stars. Granted, you don't want somebody plodding and slow, but quickness, burst, vision, smart, tough are all more important in a RB then top end speed.
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