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Gray Caldwell ‏@GrayCaldwell 7m

Phillips on the fact that it's been snowing all day: "Snow's nothing new to me. But snowing in May is new to me."
Gray Caldwell Gray Caldwell ‏@GrayCaldwell 10m

Phillips: "I'm not here to replace Elvis, I'm just here to go out and do what I can do and help us win ball games."

Gray Caldwell Gray Caldwell ‏@GrayCaldwell 11m

Phillips on what position he'll play: "If it's going to help us win, I'm playing center."
Gray Caldwell Gray Caldwell ‏@GrayCaldwell 11m

Phillips: "They want me to come in there and get after the quarterback, get some sacks and make some plays."
Gray Caldwell Gray Caldwell ‏@GrayCaldwell 12m

Phillips: "It's not about me. It's about the team. They're already a great team without me."
Gray Caldwell Gray Caldwell ‏@GrayCaldwell 13m

Shaun Phillips now on @850KOA radio. "They really wanted me to be here because they think I can help them win."

Phillips is saying the right things so far!
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