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Originally Posted by alkemical View Post
How does that fit with what the Company (Convar) who was recovering data from WTC Hard Drives - said they found insider trading evidence, to now they can't comment.

(It's in the video I linked to - that you didn't comment on).

To Clarify my position on this topic:

There is/was a cover up - but it had to do with a Saudi or Mossad tie in - and our gov't didn't want to look worse than they did - by dropping the ball - and also due to vested interests/relationships. Seeing the Saudi's fly out during 9/11 is sort of a sticking point with me.
I did see the video....sorry, I forgot to address it.

I have no idea what they found or how it contradicts the investor I mentioned. I do know that troofers have been exaggerating the extent of the 'put' options: They claimed the 'puts' were 90 times greater than normal, when the actual number was 4 times the norm.

I was watching the markets during the period before 911, and the volatility was already there. It looked like an opportunity both as a short seller and a stock buyer.....and then 911.

As the buyers of the 'puts' cannot be anonymous, it was easy to investigate and no one is disputing the 115,000 shares of American that the short seller also purchased.

Buying Airline stock of that magnitude obviously meant he had no prior knowledge of 911.
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