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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Practice may help. But if you're not starting, the quality of practice you receive isn't nearly the same. Practicing with a bunch of guys you'll never play in a game with presents a whole different set of problems.
So a violinist walks up to a cabbie in NY and asks "how do I get to Carnegie Hall" the cabbie looks at him and says "Practice!"


It is in practice that muscle memory is burned in and habits are created. It is easier for a musician to sit and practice for 4-8 hours a day to get better than a football player because football is a team sport but when your at the pinnacle of your field and people see you practice or rehearse and you are **** in rehearsal no one is going to trust him in live situations. It is like having a piano soloist who fumbles around a concerto during a rehearsal, it is not like the conductor is going to trust him to play flawlessly during the live concert.

Timmy got very lucky in enough games in 2011, that coupled with SD choking even worse got him into the playoffs where he had one of his few above avg games. It was not like we had anything else left to try.

When John saw PM become available he threw everything at him to bring him in even at 70-80% of what he once was because he knew PM would be consistent in both practice and games and they would know what to expect from him in a live situation even if he wasn't 100%.

Consistent is the one thing Tim never was, he seems to have worked hard in the weight room but seems to have struggled to comprehend things in practice and game situations.
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