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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics... hey don't your guys up in DC caucus with a Socialist? That's right, they do, don't they.

Associating is fun.
Socialism and communism have never been tried.

I'll quote from another forum:

Perhaps the primary concern of any political ideology is who gets to own and control the means the production. This includes factories, farmlands, machinery, etc. Generally there have been three approaches to this question. The first was aristocracy, in which a ruling elite owned the land and productive wealth, and peasants and serfs had to obey their orders in return for their livelihood. The second is capitalism, which has disbanded the ruling elite and allows a much broader range of private individuals to own the means of production. However, this ownership is limited to those who can afford to buy productive wealth; nearly all workers are excluded. The third (and untried) approach is socialism, where everyone owns and controls the means of production, by means of the vote. As you can see, there is a spectrum here, ranging from a few people owning productive wealth at one end, to everyone owning it at the other.

Those who think the Soviets or even China, are actually socialists, have no idea what the word means. It's laughable to think that the Nazis were socialist.

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