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Originally Posted by JLesSPE View Post
Seems like there are a lot of "favorite recipes" in this thread. I bought a Ninja..I know it's cheap and doesn't produce nearly the same as a Vitamix...but I'm giving it a shot. My biggest problem so far is everything I make is kinda blah. It's tolerable and all, just nothing spectacular.

What are some good recipes for someone just starting out? I'd like to try things that are more vegetable than fruit. My goal is to lose weight and have more energy. Thanks in advance!
I've not tried this is a blender, but in my juicer I like (a lot!) a mock V8 juice. May be like a V8 smoothie...

slice of onion (not a lot!)
* small slice of horseradish or ginger (very small on the ginger, like 1/4 or less of a slice)
half a lemon (I like the peel left on)
apple (helps give it a tad of sweetness)
1/4 cup water

Add/subtract whatever veggies you like. The color is horrible, looks like mud, but the taste it pretty good, and you realize just how much red dye V8 uses to make the juice "look better" for people to buy/drink.

* I do not always use this when making it, just if I want a little spice added to it.
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