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No, I saw it. It was a terrible day by any measure. The only half-explanation I found that satisfied was Elway's -- the whole game, Tebow would not and did not "pull the trigger." He seemed to have become addicted to the idea that if he could not make mistakes, he could just win it in the fourth.

I give him credit for one thing -- he correctly surmised that Kyle Orton would not be able to lead his team to points. But his actual play that day was terrible.

But trust me, I've heard it mentioned 1,000 times -- it is a cherished, cherished memory by those who don't think Tebow can play. And there's really no defense of that game. If you're allowed to write off games in the NFL as "terrible day," then that one goes in that column. If nothing is allowed to be written off, then that game is a huge black mark.

The only thing that goes against it is the very next week -- he said he was going to "pull the trigger" and he did. He flat out winged down the field, throwing for a huge YPA.

But then there's the week after against the Patriots. So, some say close the book.
It was a playoff clinching game. Those types of games hold more water than other games that can be written off. Win and you're in. Lose and you're ou... Oh wait there's Rivers to clean it up. The next game was a great one no doubt. But I'm not going to throw the reason that game existed under the rug
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