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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
This is all backwards ... everyone here knew they'd be moved unless there was a new arena.

Guys, the configuration of Key Arena ruled out most if not all the kinds of revenue enhancements owners expect these days. Not just luxury suites, but all variety of money-makers including restaurants, bars, other attractions that draw fans there sooner and keep them there later. Parking is a sweet plum, all the new venues are designed to maximize parking revenue ... but Key/the Sonics got virtually nothing from parking. There's plenty of parking for fans, but almost all of it is adjacent lots and structures.
there is nothing backwards about what i said.
Seattle ****ed around and wouldn't give the Sonics a new arena. they assumed there was no way the Sonics would really be moved because they were a big market.

they gambled and lost. then got pissy when Bennett moved the team.
Seattle screwed Seattle.
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