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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
really, I'm trying to rationalize not having a stud MLB here. I trust Fox/Del Rio, just trying to figure out what they are doing.

Heck, if you look at's roster, we have only one guy listed as "MLB", and he's on his way out.
Perhaps, and certainly we will play a lot of nickel as usual this year, but regarding downplaying the MLB, keep in mind FA isnt over yet. We may well bring in a Dansby or its not totally out of the question to take a hard look at Urlacher if his knee is serviceable for another year.

However, I think they do expect a solid jump in competition from Nate Irving and Steve Johnson as well as Bradley, none are household studs as yet, but a large number of strong starting MLBs over the years were also 'no name' development guys before they got their first true opportunity.

I like it when our bench moves up into a starting role when they can prove they deserve it. Trying to draft a new 'star' from the start at every position is a great path to mediocrity in this league.

Irving has shown some flashes and Johnson could take a big leap after getting year one under his belt. For backup WILL Travethan will likely start pressing WW this year as well, and that's a very good thing as well

I really am impressed how our overall depth has really solidified a lot more over the last couple years. That's key too for every championship team.
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