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Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
After Mark Jackson's comments after the game, he undid all of that. I'm just baffled at what he's trying to accomplish.

The Nuggets have been low energy and they've been unable to play the physical inside basketball that got them that three seed. They showed a bunch of flashes of that tonight, but gave some back at the end when they took their foot off the gas.

Then Mark Jackson calls them out for going after Curry's ankle intentionally (he has inside sources). All he's done is invite physical play from the Nuggets in Game 6. The first four games were a jump shooting contest. Why in the hell would he run his mouth and invite the type of game that the Nuggets will dominate? To try and get some whistles in game 6?

In my opinion that's just dumb. Even more dumb when there was a moral victory to claim tonight.
I agree. Mark Jackson had the right approach after game 1 where he said his team was in it and they felt good where they were. He built up their confidence and it played over in the next 2 games. Had he done that again after this game, I think they win game 6.

The irony is the GSW has been the dirty team, especially Bogut. I think Jackson just validated the Nuggets should continue to play physical...and he gave them locker room fodder. I expected to see a highly motivated and phyical Nuggets team in game 6.

This series is not over.
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