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Originally Posted by Johnykbr View Post
Javale does not play well with the starting lineup. There is a reason he had a lot of minutes but didn't start. In fact it's a complete head scratcher that Kosta isn't playing with the first team since that was the lineup that got us here.
KK, up until last night, had played really bad and was looking like a deer in headlights. I think Karl had to make a change up - it just took him a little longer to figure out what change.

McGee was key for the Nuggets getting off to a good start. He brought energy and was physical and gave them brief inside scoring. I believe he took Bogut out of his game.

KK got his mojo back last night and was really good as a bench player. I think this is the way to go through the series. McGee can match up with Bogut for short stints and KK does well against their bench.

I would like to see a lot less of Andre Miller in this next game, but it won't I am praying he has a night like game 1.
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