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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
It's a 3-3... no one is playing nose. The linemen are shaded in pass rush gaps.
They are slated in pass rush gaps, but you are stronger against the run of you clog the middle with big bodies. You are arguably susceptible against the run in a 3-3 front, so having Knighton/Williams/Wolfe equates to 3 DTs that can get after the QB, and still hold up against the run. Accompany that with disguised LB blitzes for a little confusion, and you have a pretty formidable base.

This is all in response to the whooping our nickle D took at the hands of the patriots IMHO. They ran the ball for what, 300 yards, all because we couldn't hold the POA; we can do that now.
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