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Originally Posted by McDman View Post
Is it expensive to use a lot? I live next to a farmer's market so I'm a little better off than most but I'm worried it will be too much to make everyday.

I've been watching videos of some of th stuff you can make and I'm getting pumped.
It's less expensive than you think if you buy wisely. Do not buy too much of say, spinach, as it only lasts a few days before it gets limp/slimy and is garbage. Sure, you can eat off the $1 menu at a fast food joint cheaper, but in the long run, the health costs associated with eating crap will far outweigh the benefits of eating healthy.

We shop at Costco a lot and buy bulk carrots, celery, cucumbers, bell peppers, apples, etc. and it is fairly cheap I'd say. There are so many great things you can make. When you find one thing you like, tweak it a bit, add a little more of something you really like and see how that tastes.

I love making ice cream, and adding hemp hearts in it.

Tip I learned at Kroger: To help kale last longer, after a day at home, clip 1/4 inch off the stalk, place in room temp water for a couple hours (like a vase with flowers in it). It really perks them back up. As they look to be going limp,dried out, repeat. You can keep kale a lot longer that way. I usually buy 2-3 bundles when I find it, it goes very quickly here when it is stocked. Seems like everyone wants kale these days!

Now, combine a little exercise with this better eating, you'll loose weight, feel great and want to stick with it. I have not eaten breakfast in probably a year, drinking a juice every day instead. We use our BlendTec and Jack LaLanne juicer, a lot.
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