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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
You're right Broncos may feel because they plan to be in playoffs a vet like McGahee worth keeping around. Seriously though at his age coming of that injury its not going out on a limb to predict he is done in Denver. RB drafted in back to back drafts plus his age and injury situation spell career over to me.

I would not be surprised if Willis didn't make the team gets cut and is out of the NFL. Of course I don't know the man and he has been through a lot in his career. Maybe he goes beast work out mode to go out on a high note. You can never really count these pros out they go through more pain and work out harder then I'm sure i can relate to. I walk for like 5 miles with the dog and feel like man that was some good excersise!
I wouldn't count out McGahee, the guy has been through much worse even a torn MCL, broken leg is fairly drastic. I think if he's physicallly ready to play in training camp then he probably only comes back at a big pay cut but it would be good insurance to have.
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