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Originally Posted by R-Mac View Post
Unless "around here"= "in the eyes of the NFL GM's", you missed your shot. Nice reading skills

If Quanterus Smith had a 4.9 40-yard dash "the posters of the OMane" would not be excited about the pick.
Seeing how the NFL GM's agreed with the majority of the Omane posters "around here" that he has issues, I guess posters "around here" were right in trashing him.

Keep claiming it was JUST the 40 time that made posters not want to trade up in the first round and draft Moore. If you read the posts you would have known that. Only one person wanted to trade up for Moore in the first round. Say it with me again only one person wanted to trade up for Moore! He wasn't worth trading up for in THE FIRST ROUND OF THE NFL DRAFT!!

If Quanterus Smith ran a 4.9 40 people would have said that is to be expected seeing how he is just 5 months removed from injury lol.
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