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I'm not exactly sure what they Broncos have planned when it comes to RG Chris Kuper. They certainly have protected themselves by adding RG Vasquez, who projects to the the starter at RG.

Do the Broncos want to keep Kuper around as a back up? I don't know if you could afford a 6M dollar backup RG. There's no doubt they probably will ask him to restructure, to what degree who knows. There's the possibility he could challenge LG Beadles. There's the option to place him on IR (not sure how realistic that is though).

I could imagine though, with a healthy Kuper at LG, this OL would be considered one of the top 3 or 4 OL's in the NFL.

So what's your best guess on this situation and how it will unfold?
Cutting Kuper would not save any moeny on the cap so he is moved over to compete with Beadles when he gets healthy.
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