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This is exactly what I was thinking. Watching this game, it's like they decided they didn't want to play physical or inside and settled for their jump shot bull crap that never gets anything. They had the recipe to dominate them and then just stopped. And Miller is the worst. I hate that Karl insists on giving precious playing time to worthless veterans who "practice hard" (Carter, I hope I never see your name called again.).

If anything, all this game did was confirm to GS they are the better team and they just had a bad night.
Very annoyed in all honesty. We had their number and just let them back in by going back to the **** that's lost us three games. Miller needs limited minutes and can be effective enough in that role but the guy is as old as the ****ing hills. Brewer should not be getting significant minutes because all he can do is shoot ****ty jumpshots.

We were matching their physicality to the extent it rattled them, Bogut and Barnes (i think it was him) both got Flagrants and Bogut was lucky not to get tossed. Then for no reason we just...stopped. That game they could have been going back to their ****hole city on the heels of a 20 point embarrassment with real pressure, instead, they'll shrug it off.

All golden state though after that was "meh, well we didn't expect this anyways but we gave a good showing in the end despite all they threw at us and our bad night, thursday we'll finish the job"

Would be veryy surprised if Thursday went well now.
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