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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
As I pointed out in my heavily sourced article (which you did not read), American was only one of 38 stocks on the SEC's suspect list. Even if American was hedged -- what of the other 37 stocks? The 9/11 Commission Report makes no mention of them.

The only wash was by the 9/11 Commission.

Their cursory dismissal of the insider trading issue was later exposed by three published studies -- by various experts who concluded that insider trading had indeed occurred. Three separate published studies -- all of which agreed.

Fools of course will continue to see what they wish to see.

Your 'article'? You mean 'fairy tale'.

Explain why the investor who shorted United stock, bought 115,000 American Airline stock?? Insider trading??

Step up Gaffney, or at least admit you're full of ****!!
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