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Bmore Manning

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Hoping Kuper can return healthy sooner rather than later. What a great problem to have, in quality depth and options on the offensive line. We have cap room right now, and we can still send Mays and others packing..

Kuper is more physical at the point of contact and is better is pass protection than Beadles. Beadles can move better to the second level and is younger.. But I think playing with Peyton enhanced Beadles game, cause I saw him not holding up at the point of contact.. But again he is young, and do you stunt his growth benching him?

Personally in win now mode, if Kuper is healthy, he needs to be at Guard or Center. And I think he's smart enough to play center and make the necessary reads required of a Center. One idea I haven't heard but I also think is an option would be Vasquez at LG as he's better in pass protection than run blocking, and Kuper can stay at RG. Beadles would offer a quality option off the bench, in a jam.

Clady, Vasquez, Blake, Kuper, Franklin is just nasty!
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