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Originally Posted by NorCalBronco7 View Post
Yeah Im satisfied with the additions but I doubt they will have the impact this year that Doom would have had. But drafting a developmental guy with good production is nice. And Phillips seems to have a little in the gas tank. I like that hes a versatile player. And Ayers is a little better pass rusher than I remembered after re-watching all the games. The Broncos look to be in good shape on the edge imo.
Well Phillips had what, like 2 sacks less then Doom last year? So it's not like it's going from best in the NFL to a lost cause at RDE. I also agree that, it could be all a mute point anyway, in terns of Phillips and Smith. I just don't think you can overlook Ayers right now. He is a better pass rusher then most give him credit for. I don't see him get the sacks but whenever I watch the games and he's been in, he's just oh so close to sacks, he's getting pressure. I think the upgrade to the interior of our DL will really help things out. There will be a bigger push up the middle this year and QB's can't simply just step up inside the pocket to avoid Miller and who ever else. I also think we've upgraded our secondary with Rogers so I see the defense as a whole, improved. We might take a dip in sacks but we'll still be near the top.
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