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Chris Harris

For those saying he'll be on PUP to start the year, that could be true, but you're avoiding the fact he will have to be dealt with, either at the start of the year or when he comes off PUP. My point is, if he's here to stay as a back up, I don't see how we keep him at 6M. I'm not sure how PUP works and if a player is on that, when they come back, is their full salary hit go against the CAP or is it prorated, so maybe it would be something like 3.5M. I agree with others, there was no way he was his normal self for the Ravens game. I also think I'd like to see just where he's at when training camp arrives. If he's made great progress and they suspect he will be at 100% by week 6 and they feel he can play at or very close to the same level he was before the injuries, I would like them to find a spot for him. I also think he's better then Beadles but I'm not sure having him play Center is the answer. I mean, if they went to him today and said that, at least he could start working on some things. I don't think you can say hey it's week 6 and Kupes back, let's give a shot at center. I think Walton will be fine at Center. I guess in a perfect world Kupes comes back healthy and can play and then you find a spot for him. You don't just cut a top 10 guard in this league if he can play. Now if he can't, and they feel he can't play at that same level, I guess you try to trade him for what you can get.
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