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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Right, just go ask GB fans how they feel about Rogers now and whether it was a wasted pick to go after him with Favre still on board.

Or San Fran for that matter.

It's all well and good to say we shouldn't have drafted Os AFTER Manning had the kind of season he did.

But if Manning hadn't come back healthy then the entire world including you would have blasted the FO for not taking advantage of one of the best QB classes on paper in the past 10 years and completely relying on a 37 year old QB with multiple neck surgeries and more than year out of football.
I wouldn't bring up San Fran, since it was Denver's #36 San Fran traded up for to draft Kaepernick. It's still a sore spot with me, since the QB's we had on the roster at that time were Orton, Tebow, and Brady Quinn. We drafted Rahim, Quinton Carter and Mike Mohamed in return I believe. So who did we draft from Nevada that year? Virgil Green. That bunch of players will be a good trivia question in the future.

Osweiler, I didn't have any problem with that pick. Apparently Elway knows just about everything one can know about the guy, he has size, a strong arm, can make all the throws, has some mobility, worth the throw of the dice even if "a day one starter was available". Which would be Lavonte David, as most people said. And David WAS a day one starter, but Wesley Woodyard manned the spot David was projected to play at, so no big deal.

As for Nate Irving, I have to note that Buffalo picked Kelvin Sheppard right after the Broncs picked Irving, and Sheppard at least showed up right away. Of course, Buffalo just traded Sheppard to Indy for one of their LB's, so . . . .
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