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Originally Posted by NorCalBronco7 View Post
Yeah Im satisfied with the additions but I doubt they will have the impact this year that Doom would have had. But drafting a developmental guy with good production is nice. And Phillips seems to have a little in the gas tank. I like that hes a versatile player. And Ayers is a little better pass rusher than I remembered after re-watching all the games. The Broncos look to be in good shape on the edge imo.
This part always cracks me up when talking about Phillips. He is younger then both Freeney and Abraham. If he is an aging vet with little left in the tank then Doom isn't far behind him. He also was reported to be out of shape and unmotivated the last few years in SD and he still managed to get 9.5 sacks last year with a rookie on the other side of him that managed 1 sack.

Now he is on a winning team which should only motivate him to be in shape and he also has one best pass rushers in the NFL on the other side of him. If he shows up motivated stat wise we should at the very least match our totals from last year with Phillips and he should bridge the cap next year if Smith does go on IR for the year.

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