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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Harvitz81 View Post
I actually expect Smith to be on the bubble for the final 53 and the front office stashing him on IR for the year. So with that said, I think Phillips is a solid signing to be our PRS with Ayers manning the base defense.
Yeah, that's a good call. Not a bad idea to stash that dude on IR this year and let him fully recover, meanwhile he gets to learn the Broncos defense, get used to the NFL and new city, get to weight train with an NFL staff. Come next year, he'll be fully healed, probably even stronger, good knowledge of playbook and sorta used to life in the NFL. I think he could be really productive in 2014. Phillips will suffice nicely this year. Between him and Ayers, I think that side is fine, especially now that you have a seriously lagit DT rotation.

I think we'll be top 3 in total defense. I think the other 2 will be SF and Seattle.
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