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I'm missing the point?!?

Just because "his" candidate didn't get the GOP nom does not mean that he doesn't have any influence. One thing it does prove how weak Romney's challengers were. We also don't know how much Limbaugh's disapproval of Romney impacted the election.

Regardless, you continue to overcomplicate this. You can't have millions of loyal listeners, and have the largest audience of any political talker, and not wield some influence. I would imagine the voter turnout of Limbaugh's audience is well into the 90's (why would someone apolitical listen to Limbaugh?). It's also a rather safe assumption that his audience votes "his" way (why would you be a loyal listener of someone you disagree with?). To deny that he speaks for millions of "conservatives", and to further deny that his brand of "conservatism" hasn't made a mark on both the manner and style of discourse and the content of such discourse from the right, is to plant ones' head in the sand.
"Some influence" isn't the standard here. Allow me to reintroduce you to the statement that started this whole stupid argument.

Limbaugh and Beck are two of the most influential voices of your party.
Would you agree? If so, why does the party so often deliver pretty much the exact opposite of what these professional mouthpieces say they want?
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