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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Hate crime laws are the opposite of equal rights.

Murder should be treated the same, regardless of motivation. Sure, if it's premeditated, then that is worse, but the motive doesn't make it worse or better. If I shoot you for your money, or I shoot you because you are gay, how does me shooting you because you are gay make it "worse" than for greed? Hate crime laws are stupid because they try to create some kind of escalators around nebulous criteria. And those make it difficult to prove and muddy the waters putting more difficulty on prosecutors. Crime is crime. And if you do something bad to someone, doing it because it's a hate crime doesn't make it any worse than if you do it purely for greed or because you are sociopath or whatever.
So would you say that acts of terrorism should be treated the same as other acts of murder as well? The reason that we have a separate category for things like hate crimes and acts of terrorism is because they are an assult on not just a person but an entire community. They're not so much attacks on a specific person, so much as they are statements to a community that "we don't take kindly to your kind 'round here."

I can understand if people still dont think that is a good reason for the distinction, but I thought I would just point that out since nobody here has actually pointed out the real reason that hate crimes exist.
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