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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Yeah, don't spoon feed me. Just post links to other people's semi-related (or not) articles and tell me to go read them to figure out what your take is. That sounds like real dialog. I don't mind using whatever sources you like. But you'd better at least excerpt (or paraphrase if you like) the salient points and add some thought.

Otherwise, we can just do this...
Wait, you mean it's okay to use The Daily Beast as a source?!? Even though it might have a liberal bias?!?

Sorry, Beavis, this article doesn't help your "case" (as if you had one here lol). Sure, Limbaugh may have hit some periods of decline. But still, as the article states...

Rush is a giant in his field, reaching more listeners than anyone in political talk...
^ That's the salient point you seem unable, or unwilling, to wrap your little head around. If I have to further elaborate then I'm clearly wasting my time.
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