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I'm not going to spoon feed you, Beavis. Limbaugh's influence on the GOP is both obvious and widely known among anyone paying attention. I posted links to give you some examples. If you don't want to read them that's your prerogative. You name a "conservative" who is more well known or has a larger following. What he says matters. No GOP politician dares criticize him. Is this really that difficult for you to understand? Or are you just trying to be difficult as per usual?
Yeah, don't spoon feed me. Just post links to other people's semi-related (or not) articles and tell me to go read them to figure out what your take is. That sounds like real dialog. I don't mind using whatever sources you like. But you'd better at least excerpt (or paraphrase if you like) the salient points and add some thought.

Otherwise, we can just do this...
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